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This Captivating Story is about a young English Lord

 who is also the direct Heir to an ancient Highland Clan.



Malcolm MacMillan

Handsome nobleman split between two countries and two cultures, England 

and Scotland, circa 1748.  Heir to the title of Earl of Kilford through his English mother and Laird of Clan MacMillan through his Scottish father, he faces an

impossible situation.  Educated as an English Lord, however he found joy,

excitement and ultimately love among his fathers clansmen. Loyalty and

responsibility...which destiny will he chose?


Catherine MacArthur

The Scottish lass who stole Malcolm’s heart when he was only twelve, has  now grown into a beautiful, free-spirited  and fiercely loyal young woman who has once again captured his attention...maybe his heart. Courageously surviving the aftermath of the Scottish uprising of 1745 when British soldiers burned and pillaged their castle and village in the Highlands.   Will she give Malcolm a chance to

recapture her heart?  Find out in this thrilling new novel...Castle Dreams.

 This spellbinding fiction series is filled with adventure, exciting history and romance.  The characters leap off the page with vibrant, emotional and sensual power.  Enriched with wit and passion, this dramatic story brings to life moving and meaningful moments in history.  It vividly weaves the tale of vast  fortunes, wars and amorous relationships.

This Exciting Story is Book Two of the

Series... “The Highland Lairds”.



John MacMillan

This handsome highlander is the heir to an Earldom and currently holds the English title of Viscount Trent.  He travels to Ullapool, a busy seaport in Scotland for his

father, the Laird of Clan MacMillan, to await arrival of his merchant ship and the large shipment of goods arriving from the American colonies.   Unexpectedly John

is drawn into the role of rescuer of a small mud-covered girl, trying to escape being forced to board a white slave ship heading for the colonies.  Her plea for help and

her large terrified eyes, forces him take an action that changes his life forever.


Kieran MacNeil

Unknown to her rescuer, the lass is in fact the beautiful heiress of Clan MacNeil,

sold into slavery by her greedy uncle shortly after her father’s death.  She has taken her clans heirloom, the sacred Bruce Chalice, and hidden it from her uncle. In an

effort to remain in Scotland, she pleads with the handsome richly dressed man

walking near her on the docks.  Will he heed her cry as he passes by and she asks

for help.  Will he aid her in her escape?  Find out what happens in this exciting

new novel...Highland Dreams.

This Enchanting Story is Book Three of this

Series “The Highland Lairds”.


Malcolm MacMillan

 Malcolm meets the woman of his dreams, a beautiful highland lass. However he faces numerous obstacles to possess her.  He must capture her from her powerful uncle, Laird of Clan MacIntyre, and hide with her in his families

abandoned Stonefield Castle near Loch Fyne in Kintyre, Scotland.  Her

mother assists her with her  escape from Crauchan Castle near beautiful

Glen Etive and ends up being caught in a web of her own while doing so.


Mary MacIntyre   

The circumstances change and Malcolm and his young bride are kidnapped and taken to the northeast Coast of France. Where they are introduced to a royal family and to an identical twin sister who she knew nothing about. 

Intrigue, greed, attempts of murder and revenge, propel this adventure to new heights and eventually great joy.  Find out what happens in this captivating new novel...Princess Dreams.


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“Castle Dreams centers on one man whose heritage could make him a peacemaker or the spark with the potential to ignite what may be viewed as a lingering conflict.  The story focuses on a time when certain political conditions marked movements between Scotland and England.  As the title suggests, Castle Sween stands as a kind of character in a tale that takes into account notions of loyalty, trust, belief, and cultural identity.  It combines the strong elements of romance and suspense and is designed to capture the imagination as well as enlighten and provokes thought.   A delightful read!”  E. H. House

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